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The UCLA Chapter

The University of California, Los Angeles Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was first established in 2003 and re-charted in 2018.

The UCLA Chapter  has always been committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community for pre-law Bruins of all ages and backgrounds.  The members of the Reactivating Class all came from various academic backgrounds, but they shared one goal in mind: to create a place where they could find driven individuals to make strides in professional development with together.


Despite being on campus for less than five years, our own alumni have gone on to attend graduate programs at Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, and Boston University, or have decided to directly enter the workforce, working for some of the top law firms in Los Angeles. When you join Phi Alpha Delta, you immediately join an international network of accomplished and dedicated individuals who strive to serve and protect their community with their knowledge of the law. 


Our Chapter Pillars

Academic Excellence

Our brothers are academically driven individuals with different career interests and trajectories. The UCLA chapter prides itself in the academic diversity of its members.

Professional Development

 With members spanning across the globe, Phi Alpha Delta provides an international network of brothers that allows for professional opportunities and connections unlike any other organization.


 Our brothers aim not only for professional fraternalism, but for a familial bond that will follow them throughout their studies and professional careers.


Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.


We are the preeminent law fraternity promoting the bonds of fraternalism and we are the leaders in the development and advancement of professional ideals.

Core Values

Bound together by tradition and our common interest in the law, we share these core values: Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, and Innovation.

Declaration of Purpose

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under the law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural achievement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honourable professional and public service.

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